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 Purchasing MUSIC PRO  Use at Churches  Educational Use  Important Notice before Installing MUSIC PRO
MUSIC PRO V4 uses KEYLOCK-HASP to prevent the producing of illegal copies of the program.
Youi muset intall the driver for KEYLOCK recognition prior to installing MUSIC
In case you have installed MUSIC PRO V4 without installing the KEYLOCK recognition drive...
Go to [Start] - [Drivers and Programs] and unistall MUSIC PRO for Windows as well as Music X.
Afer uninstalling these programs, reboot your computer and re-install MUSIC PRO V4 according to the directions above.
1. Plug in the KEYLOCK into your computer's Printer Port before installing MUSIC PRO.

2. Insert the MUSIC PRO V4 CD-ROM in your CD-ROW Drive, starting with DISK1.

3. A setup screen will automatically appear on your computer screen like below.
(Important : Please ignore this screen and click EXIT (Button on the far right))

4. After exiting the setup screen, go to [My Cmpputer] on your desktop and click on the CD-ROM Drive icon end check for the [HASP] folder by right-clicking [MPRO_P] and clicking [Open].

5. Double-click [hdd32.exe] file in the [HASP] folder.
Click "Yes" when you see the dialog like the one on the right below.
- The HASP Driver is now being installed on your computer.

6. SETUP screen

7. After you have finished installing the HASP driver, open [My Computer] and click through the following
CD ROM icon - right - click [MPRO_P] - [Auton Run] - [MUSIC PRO V4 Setup Screen] to finish installing MUSIC PRO FOR WINDOWS and Music X.