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  Creative Use
Because MUSIC PRO is so easy and fun to use, students can learn how to use the program and write their own music on their own after only a few hours of instruction.

  Create Exams
With MUSIC PRO you wouldn't need scissors and glue any more when making exams. Create a music excerpt using MUSIC PRO and insert it into Hangul 97 or Microsoft Word documents. Now you have a neat music exam sheet.

  Create Handouts
Use the text and lyric tools to make handouts that have musical examples as well as text for your students.

  Accompaniment with One-Step Transposition
Use the automatic accompaniment feature and sing along different kinds of rhythm patterns. In addition, the transposition function allows you to adjust the key of the song and accompaniment, so that each student can sing in his or her most comfortable vocal range.

  Publishing Student's Work Online
Using MusicXML, you can publish music by students online for other classmates or friends to view, listen, and print.

  Proof-Read Feature
Students can use the program to proof-read and find the mistakes without having to show it to an instructor.