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  New Songs! - Composition, Orchestration, and Accompaniment
With MUSIC PRO for Windows, you can compose your own Gospel songs. In addition, the automatic accompaniment feature will make a beautiful accompaniment for your music; simply compose a melody and assign chords to the melody and the rhythmic patterns you want

  Create Hymnals
With MUSIC PRO for Windows, you can print out high-quality scores, so you can create your own Gospel Hymnal, just like from a publisher.

  Beam Projector
No need to print music on transparencies any more! Connect your computer to a Beam Projector to project music on a big screen at services. Using the MUSIC PRO playback features, the cursor will allow the singers to follow along with the music, including repeates, and the lyrics. You wouldn't have to be moving around transparencies on the Over Head Projector any more.

  Orchestral and Chamber Music Scores - Transpose / Print Scores and Parts
MUSIC PRO also has excellent features for creating scores for orchestral and chamber music. You can create music for up to 40 instruments, and print out music for each part, as well as the full score. The transposing function can conveniently be used for transposed instruments or for transposing the choral part to better fit your choir's vocal range. For example, writing for transposed instruments such as trumpet, French Horn, and clarinet could be difficult because these instruments are play different pitches from the written. MUSIC PRO handles these transpositions, so that you can write for transposed instruments with great ease. Also, transposition for choirs can easily be executed using our program.

  Publishing Songs on Church Website
Publish your music on your church's webpage using MUSIC XML; these pieces can be viewed, played, and print out by all members of the church.

  A Full Variety of Instruments
A pipe organ or a full-orchestra? Choose the instruments you wish to use for accompaniment, and you