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Single User280,000 (WON)
School Package

(Licensed for Installments on
Computers at Schools or other
Educational Institutes)
Less than 20 computers770,000 (WON)
Less than 40 computers990,000 (WON)
Unlimited installments1,089,000 (WON)
We will include a free copy of [ E-Textbook for Elementary School Music ] with purchase of the School Package. This free software is a compilation of the music - complete with Automatic Accompaniment, from Elementary School music text books (grade 1 through grade 6)
1. Please wire-transfer your payment for MUSIC PRO to the following account.

Account NumberKorea First Bank 385-20-107884
Account HolderYoulee Software, inc.

2. Please confirm the receipt of payment with Youlee Software, Inc. by phone or E-mail. State your name, address, and phone number.

Phone02) 515-3097

3. On the next day of payment, you can receive MUSIC PRO for Windows V. 4.
* You can also purchase MUSIC PRO using a credit card at