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  Notate and Format Music With Ease
You can easily create professionally formatted scores just like using a pen and paper.

  You can easily create professionally formatted scores just like using a pen and paper.
Choose and place markings and accidentals from the "palette" right where you want on the score.

  Freestyle Text Input
You can type in lyrics or text anywhere on the score.

  100% "Hangul" Menu
All menus are in "Hangul" (Korean) for easier understanding and operation.

  Various Expressions and Techniques
Expressions, tempo and dynamic marks, repeats, change in meter, instrumental techniques can be notated in the score. The program's playback articulates these markings.

  Error Check Feature
MUSIC PRO's Error Check can detect errors made in using key-signatures, accidentals, beats per measures and total beats, and instrumental range. This feature allows beginners and non-musicians to produce accurate scores.

  Easy and Simple Editing Tools
Bars, staves, blocks can be deleted or inserted with ease.

  Convenient transposition
Transpose the score diatonically, chromatically, or from written to concert pitch for transposed instruments with just a click of the mouse without rewriting the score.

  Insert Your Score into Other Documents
You can insert your MUSICPRO scores into other documents created by softwares such as Hangul 97, Microsoft Words, Power Point, and Excel.

  Automatic Accompaniment
Simply assign chords and rhythmic patterns you wish to use for accompaniment, and MUSICPRO will automatically create an accompaniment accordingly.

  MIDI Keyboard Input
You can use a MIDI-compatible keyboard to input notes.

  Publishing Scores Online Using MUSIC XML
MUSIC PRO scores published on the web using MUSIC XML can be played and printed out even on computers that do not have MUSIC PRO installed.

  Professional-Level Printing
Print your music neatly and professionally like a published score.

  A Variety of Templates
Handy templates for various instrumentations like solo piano, choral, and chamber music are ready for use. You can also use up to 40 staves to create your own instrumentation.